Thursday, May 24, 2012

Follow Friday—28

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Activity—Dream cast your current book!

Well, I've been in a reading slump lately (I know, disheartening) but somebody recommended that I try Hemlock because it should zap me right out of it. Well, I'm sort of only 5% of the way through and don't know half of what's going on because I really hate when publishers just assume that you'll read the book summary, never mind when you have the eBook version of it. I mean, come on. I'm not going to log into Goodreads and read the summary, because that's what happens so many times and it's accounting for my reading slump! It's your fault, publishers! *Sticks tongue out* ;) You know I'm just kidding. I just get slightly annoyed. So, I'm just going to stop here and make it into a full-fledged rant later on.

Anyway, I don't really  have a dream cast for Hemlock, but I'm reading 3 other books, including City of Lost Souls, which so far has been really hard to read, but will be really fun to cast!

For Clary:
Molly Quinn
Molly Quinn

She's a redhead, like Clary, and she's older than Clary probably is, but she definitely looks like a PERFECT Clary!
For Jace:
Alex Pettyfer
Alex Pettyfer
He looks just like the part, right? He's probably not as talkative as Jace would be, but he looks the part, definitely.
For Simon:
Josh Hutcherson
Josh Hutcherson
I think he would be a really great Simon because of the fact that he was a great Peeta and was really good at playing a sweet guy like I think Simon is, but he's not afraid to be strong

For Alec:
Adam Gregory
Adam Gregory

For some reason, I thought he would fit because he has the look and then he's played a few serious roles.

For Izzy:
Selena Gomez

I love Selena Gomez. She's so pretty and I have that feeling that she would do great if she ever broke out of her Disney shell and played as Izzy.

For Magnus:
Image Detail
Bam Margera

I haven't really seen his acting, but he looks like he could pull of a Magnus and he's played in lots of comedies, which counts for something.

Tell me what you think! I'll be looking forward to your Follow Fridays!

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  1. I love your cast for City of Lost Souls! I haven't had a chance to read it yet. It's waiting on my kindle for me. I'm not sure Selena Gomez is saucy enough for Izzy though. But her look and hair are what I picture.

  2. So I'm not doing FF this week, but I had to comment on this...

    Alex Pettyfer!!!!! YES!! He's the ONLY person I can picture as Jace. Forget what's his name who they cast. It's all Alex for me.

    Great choice!

  3. I picked the Alex Pettyfer for Jace too :)

  4. I haven't read any of the Cassandra Claire books but I do love me some Bam Margera! Thanks for sharing :-)

  5. I haven't read any of the Cassandra Clare books, but I cast Molly Quinn in my head any time any book mentions a redheaded heroine :-)

    Also, I went to high school with Bam Margera. Random trivia (I didn't know him).

    Old follower!

    Here's my FF post!

  6. I LOVE me some Cassandra Claire! Not to mention; you cast Selena. This wins. Hands down.
    Thanks for sharing! :)

    - New follower (:

    See my FF Here
    Tabby @Insightful Minds & IM Design Studio

  7. I see Alex all over for Jace. I haven't read these books yet. Old Follower
    MY FF

  8. I think that's a GREAT cast!
    Hemlock is really good (IMO) and your not suppose to know what's going on, it's like a mystery, you gotta figure it out! I didn't read the description and I loved it! Not that you have to love it or anything (we all have different tastes) but try to sit back and enjoy the mystery of it all. Trust me, all will be revealed!

  9. Great choices! I'm looking forward to starting this series! Old follower. My Follow

  10. Wow your cast is like DEAD ON! Great choices!

  11. I love Adam Gregory he has the most beautiful eyes ...yes ... i know i sound like a fan girl but its true. Want to see my answer click on my name.

  12. Hi! Great casting, love your picks! My feature follow is here

  13. Well, I haven't read this book, but from your recommendations I would watch the movie :)

  14. Hopping through. I'm hoping to start Hemlock soon. Molly is so pretty. I love Adam's eyes.
    My Hop

  15. Ha! I love Bam for Magnus! That's great! Here's My Hop
    Happy FF!

  16. Loving post and Happy Feature and Follow. New Follower. My Hop:

  17. It was hard casting the characters this week but you picked really well!!

    My FF,

    Have a great weekend :)

  18. Everyone is doing casts on this series! I really need to get started on it. Esp since it's Buy 3 get the 4th free at my bookstore! Looks like an awesome pick of cast (:

    - Kim
    My FF

  19. Ah yes, Alex Pettyfer as Jace! I've only read the first two books of Mortal Instruments, but I've always imagined him as Jace. :D

    Have a great weekend!
    Pam | jelly loves books

  20. Hi Eileen - I'm a new follower (via GFC) OMG Alex Pettyfer is beautiful!! *fans self* :)
    My FF Post

  21. Old follower hopping by :) Many people have chosen Alex for Jace today. He's charismatic, that's for sure.
    Happy Friday!

  22. I still haven't read this series...I don't know what's wrong with me. But, I adore Adam Gregory, Josh Hutcherson, and Alex pretty! I think you did a great job!

    Old follower.

    Jennifer @ Feminist Fairy Tale Reviews

  23. I really need to read these books. Love that you cast Bam Margera!

    New GFC follower. :)
    My FF.

  24. Great casting, a nice looking cast.

  25. Awesome cast!! Alex Pettyfer is PERFECT for Jace. I think everyone else seems to think so too :)

    My Friday Hops

  26. I love Bam for Magnus! Lovin your whole cast actually! New Follower here!

    VanesMate @ Paranormal Itch Reviews


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