Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Tide Breaker by Sonya Watson

Author: Sonya Watson
Publishing Company: Self-Published
Genre: Young Adult—Paranormal, Romance
Pages: eBook
Release Date: May 26, 2012
Rating: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
***Thank you to Sonya for sending me a copy of this book!***
A sixteen year-old girl tries to navigate through life and love without the guidance of her mother.
Wow. I just have to stop for a second and let it all just soak in. My first ever one-rating. It feels sort of satisfying, you know? At least I didn't hate it and at least this won't be a rant that only God knows what was going through my mind when I wrote it. I was really hard to digest. It was one of those books that it was made extremely hard for me to actually relate to it and want to keep reading. Actually, scratch that. I did want to keep reading, because I kept hoping it'd get better, and the idea was great, it just never did get better or more easy to read.

So, it starts off with Abrianna (the sixteen-year-old girl) who loses her mom. Her boyfriend, Michael, has always been there to support her. This brings me to my first problem. Everything moved so fast in the beginning of this book that it was literally impossible to keep up, and then later, when it would slow down so it would be slightly more boring, I was just sitting there, wondering, "Why didn't Sonya just extend the beginning and condense this part? o.O" Like, in the second chapter, Abrianna's telling this guy that she met in the first chapter (Graham) that's she's "changed" And then Graham can't deny his feelings for Abrianna, how it's definitely love, a few pages after Abrianna claims to be have changed. I don't want anything to be too slow, but there's also definitely a "too fast."

And then there are plot holes in the story. I remember that in the third chapter I read something about a "baby" and then it was never mentioned again. I don't even know if that baby was supposed to be Abrianna's, or not, but it was never mentioned again afterwards. The main problem with the plot holes for me was because Sonya didn't really like to mention the person's name. It was more along the lines of: "The young girl" or "The Prime" instead of the real name. Honestly, I kept forgetting who was a Prime, what was a Strangeling, and what the heck was a Feign. And that was after the author emailed me with the information concerning what each of those were. I really wish that the character's real name was used more often instead of just referring to them. I mean, that is why characters have names, right?

Also, when there was dialogue, there wouldn't be any specification as to who said what, like if Abrianna said something, and then Michael, I had to guess who was talking and I only got some relief when there was a line of dialogue, and then something like, "Michael smiled." That was my only clue. And to make it even better, somebody would jump in on the conversation, and I would just keep reading, oblivious since there was no clue other than that person talking, until I finally got the clue that what was happening didn't make sense, and then I would stop for, like, five minutes, just so I could figure out what was going on and who was saying what.

And because of that, I found it extremely hard to sympathize with the characters. If somebody got characters, I would think—and this is really mean of me, but it's true—"I really don't care." It was just so hard since almost all of the story was dialogue and all the dialogue was too confusing to even bother to try and understand. Honestly, I just stopped trying halfway through and just read it to the very end, where the ending that was supposed to be a cliffhanger actually just had me sighing in relief.

That was my overall opinion of the book. I honestly loved the idea and the concept of it all, it was just poorly executed and I couldn't even appreciate the creativity that was went into the story. I really wish I could, but this was like a one on a standardized test. You know, where it says, "So many errors it takes away the meaning of the story." Yeah. That was this. So much potential, but it all just...didn't work.


  1. A 1 rating? I never read a book that I didn't like that much!
    I've read a few that were hard to read at first but then the story got better or somehow they worked.
    But at the end what matters is to be honest, I'm glad that you ended the book, at least you can say that you really tried!

  2. I've never actually finished a book that I may have given a 1 rating too. Of course, that was before I started blogging. Very interesting, but very good job at conveying exactly how you felt. Great review :)


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