Sunday, April 15, 2012

Feathermore by Lucy Swing and Giveaway!

Author: Lucy Swing
Publishing Company: Self-Published
Genre: Young Adult--Paranormal, Romance
Pages: 290
Release Date: March 2, 2012
Rating: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

***Big thanks to Lucy Swing for sending me an eBook of this to review!!***
When the one thing you live for is taken from you, do you let it go or do you fall?
Jade, like any other student at Brushwood High, awaits the start of the school year with a certain measure of dread. Worse, she is being threatened by a voice that only she can hear—a voice that lurks at the edges of her awareness, haunting her and warning her of something unknown. She has always been able to count on her two best friends, Claire and Nate, but can she confide in them now? About this? Would they even believe her?

Life takes a turn for the better when she meets Avan, a darkly handsome new student who, somehow, seems to drown out the voice and make her feel at ease.

But Jade soon comes to realize that good things don’t last forever. When everything spirals out of control, she is shattered by something she never saw coming. Dazed and despairing, she must now overcome tragedy and embrace her true existence and a new but dangerous love. Will she be able to save herself and those she loves, before it’s too late? Or will she let the surrounding darkness consume her?

I really enjoyed this book. This is one of those short reads that won't really take you that long to read, but it will be totally worth it! It starts off by you meeting Jade, a teenager living a seemingly normal life. She has her best friends, she might be a little bit at the bottom of the social ladder, and a perfect target for the queen bee at the school. And then later the queen bee's nemesis when Jade captures the attention of the new student who's also hopelessly handsome, Avan. I could really relate to Jade and her everyday life. Well, before all the supernatural things started happening.
I also loved the supporting characters, Claire and Nate, because they were there for Jade the entire time and they really wanted the best for her and tried to look out for her. In the end I was really upset at what they did, but that was all part of the book and quite necessary. I still really love their characters, but I felt bad for Jade because of what she went through during that last stretch of the book. It was literally like she lost everybody she'd ever cared for.

I really liked Avan in this book because of how caring he seemed and he was a great love interest. He and Jade seemed like a really great pair together, and Avan's that type of guy that would do almost anything for a girl he really cares about, and maybe even loves. I'm pretty sure he actually did in end. I read this a few days ago, and I can't remember the specific details of the plot, but enough to write a review with my praises and complaints. But don't worry, the complaints in here are very minimal.

One of my complaints were the plot holes. I was a little confused at parts and some of the plot events weren't that well portrayed, but that was only at one or two parts, although at a more important part. one example was how Jade was a fallen angel. It was explained, but not fully, so I was a little confused at how everything about that really worked out. But, the rest of the plot was really great and everything was extremely well-written. The whole plot of the book flowed smoothly, except the one or two small sections I mentioned. It was really easy to get absorbed into this novel.

The ending was so tragic! I wanted to throw my Kindle across the room, but then I remembered how stinking expensive the thing was so I satisfied myself by throwing a pillow at my brother. (I know, I'm a great sister, right? But he threw one back at me, so we're even!) I can't wait to read the next book now because that cliffhanger was brutal and I was devastated by the ending. This book was like Lauren Oliver's Delirium in a way because of what the ending was like. Fans of her books will definitely enjoy this one.

Lucy has so kindly allowed me to give away ONE ECOPY OF HER BOOK, FEATHERMORE on my blog. Here are the rules:
  • Can be any age to enter. You just have to have a valid email address so Lucy can email you the book.
  • This will run from April 15th to May 15th.
  • Contest is International. Once again, you just need to have a valid email address so the author can email you the book.
  • If you enter, you are providing me with your NAME and EMAIL. Only your name will be used to annnounce the winner, and the email will ONLY be used to give to the author so she can contact you with the proper information.
That's basically it. So just enter the Rafflecopter and I wish you the best of luck!

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  1. OMG WOW!!! This looks extremely promising. I will be purchasing it next month. It has such a gorgeous cover as well. Eileen Li you are, once again, so amazing and have an astounding ability to make me crave reading a book I've only just heard about and never checked out myself.

  2. i think i am going to be excited for the storyline. Sounds VERY promising!


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