Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Hunger Games Week!

Hey, everybody! It's Hunger Games Week here at ***Singing and Reading in the Rain*** and I hope you can be here to join me. So, I've decided for every day starting today, leading up to The Hunger Games release on Friday, that I do something related to the movie. So here's my schedule:

Monday—Deep in the Meadow Cover
Tuesday—Eyes Open by Taylor Swift
Wednesday—Safe and Sound Cover
Thursday—Character Profiles
Friday—Movie Day! (This is actually undecided, but I'm going to do something to tie into the movie)

And since I have all that planned, here's what else I'm going to be posting, and I'll keep it down to a bare minimum so you guys can read all about Hunger Games Week:

Wednesday—Song Review
Thursday—Follow Friday

Well, actually, I'm going to post a book review on one of the days where I have nothing, if I happen to finish a book, but I'm taking advantage of Hunger Games Week to finish up all my book tour reading going on and hoping that I'll be able to get around to scheduling the reviews for them, drawing up the interviews and guest posts and all that. 

Since today's Monday, I have the Deep in the Meadow Cover right here below, which can also be found at my YouTube channel, which you can click above to find. Please subscribe? :) And don't you love my new blog buttons? I spent a while working on them, and I hope they're good. A little big, but pink and blue, the color scheme of my blog, sort of. :)

Without further ado:

(Yes, I am fully aware that the picture is a glass slipper, but this is my first real video and I have to make do.)

Now that you've—hopefully—listened to it, I hope that you can give it at least a rating of 7, hopefully, because this song isn't really a type of song that I'm too good at, and I had a few minutes to really prepare this. I know I'm a little pitchy and off-tune at parts, but I really hope you can overlook that and I pray to God that I'm not too pitchy in places. :)

Happy Hunger Games Week!

Oh, and one more thing:

Happy Birthday, Dad!

He doesn't know about this blog, unfortunately, since it's highly secretive, but I still wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday! :)

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  1. Your voice has so much potential. I can't wait til it develops into its full maturity.


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