Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Announcing...The Tuney Tournament!

Hello, everybody! So I have music this marking period at my school, and my teacher is having this little tournament-like thing, and I thought I'd take it over to this blog, because I want to see what you guys think! So basically, what's going to go down is this is going to be just like a tennis tournament, only with voting on which song is better.

There's a form below, and all you have to do is fill in two genres that you would like to see in the tournament being featured, and then a song that goes with each of those genres. You don't have to, but if you want to share one, then by all means, do. Here are some examples of genres that could be considered:
  • Baroque
  • Classical
  • Romantic
  • Funk
  • Punk
  • Hip Hop
  • Alternative
  • Contemporary
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Country
  • Soul
  • R&B
  • Holiday
  • Opera
  • Techno
  • Blues
  • Jazz
  • Dance
  • Latin
And the list goes on and on. I'm going to make a button for this is people seem interested, and if you have a song in mind, just fill it in below. Also, I'm going to have people represent a song, and if anybody's interested, fill out the form below. If you have any ideas as to what else you might want to add to this tournament, add it to the "Do you have any other things you'd like to add" category. I want everybody's personal opinion about this, too, so please comment about it!

There's going to be about ten music genres, and I'm going to choose the most popular genres there are and choose four songs that were given in that genre, and maybe I'll even do a poll and have you guys choose. Then two at a time from each genre will go head to head against each other, and each post will have the lyrics, a video, and whatever that person who's representing it has to say about the song.

The two winners from the two matches then go against each other and the winner will advance to the next round. After that, I'll pair them up based on how popular they are now, and we'll continue to go through rounds until the last song is standing. There will also be a poll at the end to decide which music genre was the best, and there will be "awards" given out to the songs who went on to represent their music genre, as well as the people who represent the music genres.

I'm also thinking of doing a little awards thing at the end, where people can nominate videos for the best cover of a song, best music video, best music tour, and so on and so on. But before I get ahead of myself, I have to see if this tournament in simplest forms will be successful. Which I really hope it will be. I think that the idea is pretty good, and I'm going to go through with it no matter what. So I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help spread the word, tweet about it, make a Facebook comment, etc. etc. I'd really, really love that.

NOTE: You do NOT need a blog for this! All you need is access to something electronic so you can fill out this form and if you decide to represent a song, you don't even need a social-networking site. All you have to be able to do is send me via email what you want to post the day you want to make an argument to defend your song. So if you don't have a social-networking site but want to represent a song, just say "No Social Networking Site" or something like that so I know. It won't affect anything at all, so don't worry! :)

The Genre and Song Form

The Form to Represent a Song

That's it for today, but please tell me what you think of this and if you have any other suggestions and leave them in the comments! Thanks so much! :)

EDIT: As of March 21, these are the current choices up for nomination:

  • Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine

  • In Spirit Golden by I Blame Coco
  • Seasons in the Sun by Westlife
  • Born This Way by Lady Gaga

  • Enchanted by Taylor Swift
  • Beautiful Eyes by Taylor Swift
  • If I Die Young by The Band Perry
  • Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum

  • The Motto

  • Take Care
  • Set Fire by the Rain by Adele

  • Lost by Michael Buble
  • Save the Last Dance by Michael Buble

  • Canon by Pachelbel

  • Mr. Brightside by The Killers
  • Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen
  • Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Everybody Talks
  • Monster by Paramore

  • I’m on One
  • Lonely by 2n1


  1. Sounds Fun Eileen!!

    Submitted my forms!!!

  2. Cool idea Eileen! I submitted my form, it's so hard to just choose a few songs!!!! :)


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