Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuney Tuesday: The American Gonzos' Album

Tuney Tuesdays is a weekly meme that JB Kantt at J.A.Y.A.! and I at ***Singing and Reading in the Rain*** host. It's really easy! Just:
  • Once a week, on Tuesday, choose a song that you might be really into that particular week.
  • Include a video/cover art for that single if there is one (or the button for Tuney Tuesdays that I've made up. I'll put it later in the post.) 
  • Include the lyrics
  • Write what you like about it in a review. Or write a few sentences about how it inspires you. Or how it relates to a book that you've been reading.
  • If you don't want to do your own song, you can use one of the songs that I or JB Kantt at J.A.Y.A.! have done for this week!

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Artist: The American Gonzos
Record Label: Unsigned
Genre: Funk, Rock
Rating: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

As my very first song review that somebody recommended to me, and I found doing it really fun so if anybody else has any suggestions for me, just leave a comment or email me! Anyway, I'm going a review on the entire album, instead of just focusing in on an individual song. So I just listened to every one, and I'm going to do a review of all of them in general, because I saw a pattern in all of the songs. I don't have any lyrics to provide for this one, but go here if you want to listen to the American Gonzos and find out more about them.

  • Hit The Road
  • 39 Steps
  • It Ain't Me
  • Matchbook Romance

What I really liked about the songs that I listened to was the background music that accompanied the lyrics. I think that they were really well written and really well organized throughout the pieces. As an aspiring young singer, I like to test myself if I can distinguish the good and bad parts of music, and I'm really excited if I get to get to review an album or song that I've never heard of before, so I can really see if I liked it. And I think that I really liked this album.

The lyrics of this album were pretty good. While listening to it, I felt that I could change one or two things, like maybe change this one word to another word, but I still think that it was really good. The lyrics were actually really catchy, and there was definitely an undeniable ring about them. I really liked how they really stuck to their genre of funk and rock, and how easy it was for me to go along with the song and how easy it was for me to recognize that this was in the rock and funk genre.

Now, the main problem I had with this was at a few parts was the singing and the performance of it. I think that when the lead singer's voice rose, it was supposed to go down, but that was basically it. But it really irked me at times and I couldn't let it go. Since I usually never listened to rock, let alone rock and funk put together, I have to admit that I was hesitant and that I was afraid that I wouldn't like the soundtrack. I'm also a country and pop girl, so I wasn't ready for rock and funk. 

I definitely think that this was a great album, albeit the little kinks with it and the fact that it didn't fully catch my attention at first but I slowly accepted the album. So I recommend this to anybody who likes rock and funk and anybody who's open to new genres. And anybody who likes good lyrics and some pretty good music.

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  1. Great review!!!! I think you did an excellent job being this was your first whole album review. Its great that you were willing to move outside of your comfort zone into a completely different genre. Thank you so much for doing this I know they really appreciated it. If you are up to it I would be happy to send you other bands albums as I get them. Just let me know :)


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